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What is HF Music Academy?

An Online All-Music Learning Platform 

If you are a Music Composer, Music Producer, Beatmaker, Music Artist, Singer trying to find a way to make money from your music then look no further. You need a system to pitch your music and build clientele. That’s why we created a community where you will learn to Master your DAW, Mix & Master to Sound Like a Pro and How to Make Money from your Music.


Welcome to HF Music Academy

HF Music Academy is here to support you, the Modern Creative, and share what it takes for you to monetize your music. We provide world-class online music production training and a step by step system for you to learn about music licensing and how to attain music placements.

In a world full of change it is important to create a solid foundation that can propel you to rise up. We pride ourselves in teaching you, The Modern Creative, to become a Triple Threat:

  • Mastering your DAW and Become a Logic Pro Power User
  • Sounding Like a Pro with Mixing & Mastering using all DAW's Logic Pro, Abelton, Protools, FL Studio
  • Making Money from Your Music.

Our standard at HF Music Academy is to Be in Action, Not just Theory. Our entire curriculum is based on world-class training and a proven system that works. We hold you accountable to your greatest potential and our deepest desire is to see you achieve your goals and dreams. 

Our community has music placements all over the world. Being able to create music for worldwide brands is such an incredible accomplishment for a musician. Some of the major networks we have worked with are A&E, TLC, Oxygen, Direct TV, CBS, NBC, Bravo, National Geographic, Hulu, Hallmark and Fox. Some of the Big Brands we have worked with include Snapchat, GoPro, Rx Bars and Spectrum. In addition, a vast majority of our music catalog is in large music libraries, music publishers worldwide. We also have recorded albums for such massive publishers such Megatrax.

Logic Pro Core 24 Live Online Class


Top features

  • Logic Pro Core 24 Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Monetize your Music Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Missed a class? All Live Online Class sessions available in your Course Library
  • Access to all Logic Pro courses

Mixing & Mastering Sound Like a Pro Live Online Class


Top features

  • Mixing & Mastering Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Monetize your Music Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Missed a class? All Live Online Class sessions available in your Course Library
  • Access to Mixing & Mastering courses

Master Music Pathway Annual Membership


Most Popular

  • Includes all 3 Online classes plus all exclusive content
  • Logic Pro Core 24 Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Mixing & Mastering Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Monetize your Music Online Class once a week, 52 classes a year
  • Missed a class? All Live Online Class sessions available in your Course Library
  • Access to all new courses included
  • Community Forum

No Questions asked 30 day Money Back 

We are confident that our program will elevate your music production skills that we have a "No Questions Asked 30 day Money Back Guarantee".

Elevate your Music Production Skills


Monetize Your Music
Master your DAW
Make Money from Your Music
Sound like a Pro with Mixing & Mastering
Music Composer Mindset

World-Class Music Production Consulting Services


Instructor Consultation

Shape up the future of your Music Department with the help of Eddie Grey, an Apple Certified T3 Logic Trainer. Updating your understanding of today's Music climate can only improve your departments performance. Private Lessons also available.

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Be In Action. Not Just Theory. 


Free Resources


How to maximize your CPU resources so you can Produce music with no technical problems

This course was designed to help Music Producers with their CPU resources. It will help you achieve better performance with your DAW and Computer Resources. 

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Mixing into Your Master Masterclass with Bryant Lowry

Discover the Top Secret Mixing & Mastering techniques utilized by industry professionals.

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Accelerated Learning

Fresh Sounds for Brands & Networks we work with


What Our Members are Saying


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What People are Saying


"I found Eddie's coaching invaluable. He has an ease and a positive manner which I found encouraging and supportive. He really helped me to gain confidence in my abilities as well as guiding me through a number of technical and organizational techniques that would probably have taken me months to fathom out on my own. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eddie to any composer who is committed to improving their craft and who wants to move to the next level in the industry."

Andrew Hind, Composer

“You are an impressive guy. You're doing such a great job. Love it so much. Everything is working. Thanks for helping shape our future."

Bunim, Murray Productions

“Eddie is a true master at his craft. Not only is he a fantastic producer and composer, he is a GREAT teacher. A few years back, I took a Logic course at music school, and although there was a lot of useful information to take in, none of it properly translated into my own compositions. I wasn’t learning the art of production and mixing, and my compositions stayed stagnant. I’m currently taking a course online with Eddie, and I can already tell within the first few sessions, a huge improvement with my production skills. Not only is my understanding better, I’m learning first hand by using the same project files he provides. I can practice his techniques in real time, see, hear, and understand the difference. His courses are by far the best out there. Highly recommended if you want to further your skills in music production."

Joe, Music Supervisor

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Be in Action. Not just Theory.

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