Igniting Modern Creatives all around the World to Be in Action Not just Theory, to fulfill their musical aspirations.


Who is The Modern Creative?

It is the Songwriter that picks up the guitar to practice after working an 8 hour shift. It’s the Beat Maker who thinks of beats in his head as he finishes his academic studies. It’s the singer who feels most at home in a song.

The Modern Creative has many talents and cannot be defined by just one. They can be technologically savvy and also listen to the Heart.They paint with their words, they heal with their sounds, and change their world one track at a time.

My name is Eddie Grey and I have been a Creative all my life. Born and raised in L.A, I got the best of all things Music. I grew up somewhere in the middle of Punk Rock and Hip Hop. My Dad left me with an extensive Music collection so I got my hands into stuff like The Police, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles early on. While all the other kids just wanted to fit in, I broke out of the mold and followed my inner voice. All I cared about was listening to Music and emulating what I heard on the guitar.

Why do we “Modern Creatives” do what we do? Why do we chase a dream that sometimes feels as if it’s just beyond our reach? Why do we stay up night after night perfecting our crafts when no one else is looking or hearing? Why give it all up without the promise of a guarantee?

Because this is what it takes. We have to…We are built this way.

We need Music, the way you need water. It purifies us. We like to solve our Musical Problems and forget about everything else (at least for a while).

They say “Champions are made in the dark” and while I have been pursuing Music for over 20 years, I got my first big break after the last 5 years of intense dedication, focus, and persistence to the Art and to the Business of Music. My story is reminiscent of that of the Oak tree. Every year it grows a mere 2 feet and after year 5, it catapults an additional 10 feet. The Bamboo Plant does something similar. 


What secret force requires this period of development? Why set up a wall that requires 10,000 hours to climb over? To keep the pretenders at bay. We each make our own way and that is what makes it rather special, I feel honored to have climbed the mountain and now to help others find their way.