Shape the Future of Your Music Department

Eddie Grey has been hired by several Music and T.V Production Companies to consult and develop
their Music Departments. As an Apple Certified T3 Logic Trainer, Eddie knows how to improve team work
and motivate others to be their best.

Updating your understanding of today's Music climate can only improve your departments performance.

Music Supervisors, Music Coordinators and Editors, alike have all benefited from  Eddie Grey's buttoned up presentations on Music Production, Music Composition, and Music Technology.

What Industry Leaders are saying

"You are an impressive guy. You're doing such a great job. Love it so much. Everything is working. Thanks for helping shape our future."
- SVP of Bunim-Murray Productions
"You are absolutely crushing it"
- Gavin "Music Coordinator"
"Eddie is a true master at his craft. Not only is he a fantastic producer and composer, he is a GREAT teacher. A few years back, I took a Logic course at music school, and although there was a lot of useful information to take in, none of it properly translated into my own compositions. I wasn’t learning the art of production and mixing, and my compositions stayed stagnant. I’m currently taking a course online with Eddie, and I can already tell within the first few sessions, a huge improvement with my productions skills. Not only is my understanding better, I’m learning first hand by using the same project files he provides. I can practice his techniques in real time, see, hear, and understand the difference. His courses are by far the best out there. Highly recommended if you want to further your skills in music production."
- Joe "Music Supervisor"
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