Top 3 Things You Need to Get Started in Music Licensing

Hosted by Eddie Grey, an Apple Certified T3 Logic Trainer. His work as a composer spans a variety of television and film projects. His incredible track record includes over 500 songs sold and over 5000 tracks placed over the span of his career.


Learn what is required from the Modern Producer?

With today's changing industry learning what is required from the Modern Producer is essential in music licensing.

Learn what is the Music Licensing Business?

Music Licensing is an industry that allows you to monetize your Music. Learn how it works and what Sync licensing entails.

Learn what are the 6 things you need to get started today?

Implementing these Top 6 things will help understand what you need to get started with Music Licensing today.

Be in Action. Not just Theory.

In this training you will learn the Top 3 things you need to get started in Music Licensing. Whether you are a Pro, Intermediate or Beginner in music licensing, there is so much information you can gain from this video, to help you land music licensing deals.

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